Women's haircuts

Cutting ladies hair is a simple service, which it is good to have once every 6 weeks. If hair is consistently and professionally cut, it is strengthened, and a well-cut hairstyle lies more naturally from day-to-day. It is sufficient to cut longer hair once every 2 months, which strengthens the hair sufficiently and nurtures the tips. Short hairstyles require frequent cuts, ideally once every 4 weeks, thanks to which they will not lose shape.

Cutting short hair

We make sure that short haircuts are attractive, comfortable but also easy to style on a daily basis. Our team of hairdressers not only grant you the best haircut, but will also give you advice regarding how to take care of the hair.

Cutting medium length hair

Medium length hair allows you to choose a fashionable hairstyle from a wide range of options, and it is our priority to adapt the haircut to the individual needs of each client. The hairdressers may suggest and help choose a hairstyle which will highlight the client’s positive aspects and natural beauty, as well as working well with the shape of their face and skin tone.

Cutting long hair

Any hairstyle which reaches at least the shoulder can be described as long hair. In contrast to shorter hairstyle, the hair is more vulnerable to be damaged or break at the ends. The appropriate cutting of long hairstyles allows to maintain them in good condition and to ideally stimulate growth of the hair.


When deciding whether to colour (or dye) your hair or not, you are most probably concerned for how long it will last and how deep the colour is. We posses a wide range of shades of blondes, reds, through to deep black colours. Our hairdressers make sure that the colourisation will be effective.

Colourisation step-by-step:

- Colour consultation

After hearing out the needs of the client, the hairdresser stylist will present a palette of colours and will then pick out the right shade together with the client. Our stylists are able to carry out colouristic analysis, taking into account the client’s natural image and her characteristic traits, thanks to which they professionally recommend the best shade.

- Colourisation process

For colourisation, we use an individually prepared mixture from the highest quality products, the proportions of the ingredients are picked out depending on the previous colour and condition of the client’s hair. The success of an accurate colourisation lies in the precise distribution of the dye. After the right amount of time passes, we wash away the paint, equally precisely, making sure that no dye is left behind on the skin of the head. We are pleased to say, that our colourisation methods satisfy our clients and they eagerly return to us for continued service.


When we plan to change the hair colour, it is worth carrying out the process of decolourisation. This involves removing the previous dye used in the hair. It is a quick and successful way allowing for strengthening processes to be carried out on the natural, uncoloured hair, or allowing for a new colour to be applied to the hair.


When your hair colour is changed diametrically, we use a high concentration lightening powder for decolourisation. This works by displacing the current pigment in the hair structure. For mixing, we suggest using regenerative conditioner, so that the strong effect of the lightening product will not affect the health or appearance of the hair. Thanks to this the hair will remain strong, soft and intensively moisturised, even after decolourisation.

Decolourisation step-by-step:

- Assessing the condition of the hair and determining the desired effect

We start by assessing the condition of the hair and consulting the client. It is important to us, that what you expect after decolourisation is clearly stated, but matches with your specific hairstyle, and the effects that we can achieve


The next stage is the actual process of decolourisation. Depending on the condition of the hair the hairdresser chooses the proportions of the lightening agent, and the length of the process is determined by the initial colour. After that, colourisation to your desired colour can be carried out.

-Cutting and styling of the hairstyle

If the need arises after a successful decolourisation and consequent colourisation, the hairdresser may carry out the cutting and modelling process. Finishing off the hairstyle would be giving form to the hair through cutting and modelling. The stylist may give tips on how to independently style your hair at home and care for it, by using correctly chosen cosmetics.

Modelling hair

In our salons we can transform any hair into an attractive and modern hairstyle. Most importantly, modelling hair is one of the most creative areas of hairdressing, and we definitely don’t lack ideas or passion! Romantic curls, sophisticated plaits or avant-garde pin ups are fantastic ideas not only for one off events, but also for bringing yourself some pleasure and discovering an interesting idea for styling your hairstyle. Our hair stylists will gladly advise you how to model your hair at home, in such a way that your hairstyle will be attractive and long-lasting. In our salons, we also advise what cosmetics to use for specific hair types, how to make every-day modelling and nurturing easier.


Curls are a timeless proposition, suitable for any occasion, ranging from an official gala to an outing to the cinema, a wedding or a date. Their feminine nature youthens you and grants you womanly chic. When preparing such a hairstyle it is important to maintain an appropriate texture and maintain the thickness of the curls to the hair and the natural image of the client..


We have pin up specialists working in our salons, from sophisticated pin ups to the most avant-garde ones – stylist hairdressers. They carry out their work to a standard of perfection, taking care of every detail, from the correct brushing and preparing the bands of hair to the careful sequences of pinning up, decorating and consolidating the hairstyle.

Modelling hair step-by-step

- The most well-trained hairdressers

Our hairdressers form a professional team, constantly striving to broaden their skillset. They specialise in stylising, cutting and metamorphosis among other things. They follow the current trends and use their years of experience, and as a result of this they create beautiful, fashionable and effective hairstyles.

-The highest quality cosmetics

The right hand of any hairdresser is their toolkit of good quality cosmetics, which is why we use only the best brands. We recommend certain cosmetics to our clients for their use before and after cutting, during modelling and those, which you can successfully apply at home, lengthening the durability and quality of the new hairstyle. These products can be purchased directly at our salons.

- The classics and modernity

Stylist hairdressers who work in our salons are experts in fashion, and colouristic and image analysis, and because of this they can carry out a professional assessment of the natural features of ta client and recommend her the best type of brushing, cutting or colour. You can brush any given hairstyle in several ways, and our stylists pick out the best versions of each hairstyle for any given image or need of the client.


Ombre and Sombre have been dominating salons for several years now. It is a method of colourisation, which involves lightening the tips of the hair a few tones while leaving the rest of the hair darker. Ombre in contrast to sombre is a bolder and more contrasting colourisation. A colourisation mixture of one shade is not applied to the whole length of the hair, since it should be darkened closer to the root. In sombre colourisation, we leave the hairs closer to the root as the natural hair colour. An ombre colourisation provides a more striking effect on darker hair. Blonde and ginger hair looks better with sombre colourisation, giving an effect of sun shining on the tips of the hair.

The perfect haircut basis to a fantastic ombre/sombre

Before carrying out an ombre or sombre colourisation, the hairdresser should give a certain lightness to the hair through cutting it. This is particularly important for thick hair. Normal hair requires a light shading, giving the hair some volume. This type of colourisation has the best effect on light hair, which lifts itself, of a medium volume.

Ombre step-by-step

- Finding out your needs

Even though ombre and sombre are still in trend, after consultation with the client, the stylist will assess the hair and will advise what form, colour, intensity and volume should be achieved in the case of a given client. He will decide if any additional processes are needed, to allow for an effective ombre/sombre colourisation, for example cutting, decolourisation, regeneration of hair.

- Ombre on hair

The hairdresser must first darken or change the colour of the hair at the root, depending on the desired outcome. The following step is to brighten the length of the tips of the hair, so that the lightening effect is appropriately bold.

- Finishing off the hairstyle

Ombre works the best on shaded hair, both straight and wavy hair. The cutting should highlight its effect. Modelling the hairstyle is the final step of the process, during which the hairdresser grants rips regarding the modelling and nurturing of the hair at home.

- Not only blonde and brunette there are many shades of ombre and sombre colourisation

The fascination with ombre and sombre colourisation led to the development of alternative colours to the classic solutions. You can successfully carry out procedures which mix brown hair and ginger hair, forming bringer, or mixing the warm shades of blonde and brown – bronde. In recent times, especially during the summer season, when we are open to brave propositions, “dip dying” became popular, where the ends of the hair are coloured in various shades including blue or pink dyes.



Professional male haircuts? Leave your hair in good hands!

Talented and experienced hairdressers in our salons are able to accommodate for any man, adapt any nurturing procedures and choose the right haircut for any face shape, skin tone or eye colour. We make sure that our clients stay on trend while always maintaining charisma and class. Do you need a good haircut and tips regarding your image, to finally have a healthy and attractive hairstyle, or maybe you need an avant-garde change because you like to go wild and experiment with fashion? We invite you to our salons, where our scissor virtuosos and stylists will help you maintain a great hairstyle.



De-greying hair for men

We can recommend the simple procedure of de-greying hair to any men who want to disguise their grey hairs while at the same time youthening their image. Thanks to the innovative method which lastingly covers grey hairs, you can regain the effect of the natural colour of your hair in just a few minutes. The applied colour naturally elutes, not leaving any artificial effect of growth. The process should therefore be repeated from time to time, for example any time you cut your hair.